Term 3

This has been a long school term and I’m glad it’s over. Mostly because I hate having to dig Hunter out of bed in the mornings. I love letting the poor bugger sleep and relax a bit with the routines. I also catch less Uber’s too which is nice.

We had issues regarding how Hunter is seen as someone with Autism. He had some little kids ask him if he’s ‘stable’ and try to see if he’s smart by testing his maths abilities. Now I understand kids say things because they are repeating what they have heard or don’t know better. That doesn’t stop me from feeling sad that Hunter has to deal with that. It also makes me feel bad because no one stepped in and stopped it. We knew that sort of thing was coming but I didn’t expect it in 4th class.

Hunter has started sleeping in his own bed. Praise be to Beyonce! This has meant far less difficult mornings and he’s coming home having had a fantastic day. He’s also been less annoyed during the day. I’m so stinkin happy.

We’ve gotten new therapists. I didn’t expect this would go so well because sometimes the kids take a while to warm up. Hunter loves his new OT Emilie and she’s been one of the biggest advocates of helping us get him in his own bed. She came up with the strategies and has been chatting to him. She’s also been working on his shoelace tying. The new psych is amazing and is getting right on top of everything. The kids like her and she’s not mucking about.

The other thing that’s happened is Hunter is morphing more and more into a teenager. He’s worried about being cool, saying cool thing and have people like him. It’s wierd. We even had a conversation about being cool only happens when other people think it and the coolest people are cool for being themselves (hello Bowie!!).

It’s been eventful to say the least because on top of all that hubby got a cracker new job (no weekends!), we took our first family trip to the movies and had a couple of rounds of Plague Haus. I can’t wait for Term 4 and all the end of year shenanigans but for now we enjoy the break

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