Best of September

September has had a lot go on and a few. One of the first new things I’d like to introduce is a best of the month. Sort of a collection of all of the awesome things I liked in September

1. Derry Girls – set in Northern Ireland in the 1990s during what is referred to as The Trouble Times. It’s about a bunch of girls and all the stuff they get into. My favorite was the pot scones and the miracle that wasn’t. It’s very classic coming if age story stuff but set in a very turbulent time in history. Season 3 probably won’t make it out until late next year but I’ll be waiting.

2. The Ring attached to my phone case – this is only a new thing but it’s amazing. I use it as a tripod mostly for watching Netflix while I fold. It also means I don’t drop my phone on my face anymore.

3. Pyrite + citrine – this combo of crystals is killer. Happy sunshiny vibes pared with the shiny rock of manifestation?! What’s not to love. I was rocking that combo when a lot of good things have come through for me so I’m all about it.

4. Adams new job – I’ll write a whole post on a t but my husband landed the dream hospitality job. No weekends. Christmas off.

5. Iron cakes butt program – seriously. I was a bit out of condition when I went back to the gym. This literally kicked my butt into excellent shape for my new jeans and shorts. It’s an accessory program to my normal workout and it kills my ass but totally works.

6. New content plan – it got its own post so I won’t bang on about. Sufficed to say this is up there with Hubbys new job it’s that good.

7. Buffer – I ponied up and bought a paid version so that I could schedule all my social media for the blog and tarot reading business. Pretty stoked because it’s 100% less stressful.

8. Blogging Unscripted podcast – it got a wrap under the ‘3 podcasts to listen to’ post. This is what inspired me to change up my blog game. So so handy.

9. Cheap new summer wardrobe – thanks Kmart! I think the most expensive item was a $20 dress but I got some jeans (maybe they’re jeggings), shorts and a couple of cool t- shirts. I’m quite impressed.

10. Hunter being in his own bed – it’s amazing. I know I covered it in my Term 3 post but man, it’s great. No one is waking up cranky and pissed off. So so great.

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