If you haven’t yelled out loud “I took a DNA test turns out I’m 100% that bitch..” or “…if he dont love you anymore. Walk your fine ass out that door” what are you doin with your life? Really. What are you doing?

At the moment Lizzo is hot as fuck and is sitting at the longest running number one by a solo female rapper since Bodak Yellow. Hell, the woman even recorded with His Purpleness before he beamed up to the mothership. Lizzo sings about empowerment, self love and the fact you have the right to feel awesome about who you are. Not only that but you believe her. Other artists give the same message and you’re a bit skeptical but Lizzo? 100% believe the words coming out of her mouth.

Her old stuff is as great as her new stuff and her social media feeds are amazing (the woman added to the cookie monster version of Truth Hurts ffs). I’d 100% recommend downloading at least one of her albums. I binge listen to stuff so I downloaded all 3 and they’re awesome.

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