Crystals for dealing with bullshit

Hey ladies and gents. Today we’re stepping back into the woo to talk about crystals. They most definitely are pretty. Some people believe they work energetically. Some think they work as a mental placebo to remind us to do or behave a certain way. I’m in the first camp. I think it’s an energetic thing but fuck, I’d never give you a crystal to cure any sort of serious medical condition or mental illness because medicine is real and works.

So, disclaimer done. Now onto the woo.

I deal with people all day every day at work and some days it’s just shit. You’re stuck dealing with other peoples fuckery and it puts a psychic drain on you. It feels like people have sucked the life out of you. Todays post is about my favorite crystals for dealing with other peoples bullshit and they’re not crystals you’ll find on your average ‘crystals for….’ post. They’re things I find work for me.

Black Tourmaline – it’s the energetic equivalent of bitch begone spray. It’ll put a nice little barrier between you and the asshats around you. I saw it described as ‘spiritual disinfectant’ which I thought was apt because it again will clear out all that old negative junk just hanging around in your space. I have a piece I keep in my pocket if I know I have to deal with particularly difficult people. Its grounding so if I feel like I’m all over the shop like a mad woman’s shit this will keep me grounded and less frantic.

Apophylite – If tourmaline is bitch begone spray this is a spiritual joint. Calming and stress reducing apophylite reminds you to calm the fuck down. It can take that surface anxiety off and again, suck away negativity. It encourages healing, joy and feeling uplifted. Bonus points is you can stack this with black tourmaline for a double whammy ying-yang type flow.

Rose Quartz – rose quartz is all about love and beauty. I know that’s a weird thing when you’re dealing with other people’s bullshit but hear me out. I like it because it reminds me to love and take care of myself. Put me in a center focus and don’t let other peoples fuckery upset me. It also reminds me that flying off the handle and landing a throat punch or a verbal lashing wont solve shit. Having a bit more patience and self respect sometimes is more helpful.

Citrine – It’s a little ray of sunshine for my poor tired soul. Sometimes dealing with people is draining as fuck and you need just a little bit of a pick me up. Citrine is exactly this. It’s also representative of abundance and energy. It’ll uplift you and it’s one of those rare crystals that don’t need cleaning so you can carry it all over the shop. IT’s like a tiny yellow soul shot of redbull.

Shungite – this bad boy rounds out the list because it’s the equivalent of hiding in your Lego fort. It’s a bit of a heavy hitter and like black tourmaline i’s known for being able to suck away all the bullshit. Not only that but when it does it will leave what you truly want from a situation clear in your mind. It’s like the cloak of invisibility from Harry Potter and you can just duck the crap for a little while and give yourself some breathing room.

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