Immune boosters

We had a good dose of Plague Haus this year. A few really good doses and it sucks so damn hard. Not long ago I was facing *another* dose and I fair cracked the shits. I was recommended to take some over the counter immune booster tablets as a way not to get so sick, and really, it couldn’t have hurt.

I was lucky since it was flu season I managed to pick up a bottle of Swiss Ultiboost Immune boosters. Looking at the ingredients its zinc, olive leaf, magnesium and vitamin C. Not things that will make you have to hand over your licence but things that will act as a preventative.

That’s exactly what happened. I didn’t get sick beyond sniffles and a bit of a scratchy throat. I’ve tried it out on 3 different threats of the lurgy and I haven’t fallen down yet, I’ve even given it to our son to hold off a cold and I’m quite impressed. It’s totally something that will make it into our medicine cabinet.

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