Great Halloween Movies

Hi! After being a Halloween hater for years it turns out that this is the one thing the kids friggin LOVE. So this year I’m getting into the spirit and decorating the house and we’ll be watching Halloween movies. You’ll note there aren’t lots of scary movies cause they aren’t my jam.

1. Hocus Pocus – I only saw this last year but it’s pretty fun as far as halloween movies. It’s campy, fun and something you can watch with the kids

2. Beetlejuice – This is a super fun movie and by the end you’ll be saying Beetle juice, Beetlejuice, Beetjuice.There’s also the iconic dance sequence to Day-O

3. Addams Family – You have to get the version with Anjelica Huston and Christina Ricci. You’ll love Wednesdays dark little soul. Morticia and Gomez are perfect.

4. Rocky Horror – so bloody good. It’s not traditionally what you’d call a Halloween movie but it works. It’s spooky, weird and Tim Curry is amazing.

5. The Craft –

6. Halloween franchise – you’d be silly if you didn’t right….

7. Scary Movie – a spoof of all those 90s Scream, I Know What You Did movies. It’s funny, ridiculous and good for a laugh.

8 Edward Scissorhands – second movie with Winona Ryder on this list. It’s about a guy who is a bit weird who doesn’t quite fit in. It fits the mould because it’s a little spooky.

9 Winchester – it’s scary to me. It’s Helen Mirren being a medium in a weird haunted house. I even did a review on it. I loved it.

10. Friday the 13th – who doesn’t love a Jason movie? They’ve also got a reboot too which is exiting and worth a look.

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