Fleetwood Mac

So let last year I went through a phase where l listened to a lot of Fleetwood Mac. I have no idea why. I think it was that period when Rhiannon was just going around and around in my head and driving me mental so I listened to other songs of theirs just to change it up and maybe remove it.

The biggest reason I like Fleetwood Mac isn’t hard to listen to. You sort of don’t have to be in the mood for it you can put it on in the background, let it play and sing along enjoying yourself. It’s cruisy kind of music you could put on at a BBQ or while you’re cleaning and it’s equally valid. I also like the fact Stevie Nicks wrote a bunch of songs about how her ex’s are dicks and then made her ex’s play them. She makes Taylor Swift look like an amateur.

You also don’t realise how many of their songs you know either. I’m listening to the playlist I have for them as I’m writing this and I don’t think there is a song I haven’t sung yet. It’s not even out of repeated listening to them every day. It’s what I’ve heard over the years.

I dont think I have a favorite Fleetwood Mac song. Tusk and Dreams are right up there. I find Dreams super relaxing and like you’re half asleep. The kinda think you could listen to while you’re reading a book and doing not a lot of anything. I like Tusk mostly because of the marching band and if you ever see the filmclip there is an actual marching band which makes me ridiculously happy,

If you’re not sure who Fleetwood Mac are chances are you do and don’t know it. I really recommend downloading a Greatest Hits album and Rumors at the very least. You’ll probably get some overlap but it’s totally worth it.

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