Queer Eye

I was at work chatting to the girls about what they watch on Netflix when Fallon (everyone say ‘Hi Fallon’) told me that I should be watching new Queer Eye. She said I needed Jonothan Van Ness in my life. I watched the old Queer eye back in the day an loved it. It’s the reason I learned to iron a business shirt. So, after I caught up on back drama on The Block I started in on Queer Eye.

Fallon was right. New Queer Eye is amazeballs and I did need Jonathan Van Ness in my life.

The thing I like about the new series is it’s amazing. Their intentions and want to help their clients is so pure we’re undeserving. They so badly want the people (they do men and women this series) they make over to improve in whatever aspect of their lives they need help with. The guys also make over a fair few religious types too and there are a few times you think things might go pear shaped but they dont, and Bobby (the home makeover guy) seems to male peace with a lot of his past.

Tan France is my absolute favorite and he’s so gentle with the men they make over. He updates their wardrobes and makes it seem easy and effortless. Like dressing well is no big deal. Then there is Ms Van Ness. Holy hell he’s fabulous and fierce. The twirling, campy, giving no fucks living his best life is absolutely beautiful. He loves each of the guys they make over and it’s so wonderful.

The word I keep coming back to for this show is pure. It’s so joyful and precious. Watching it gave me so many warm fuzzy feelings. I even cried a few times. If you’re not feeling great this is just the show to lift your spirits.

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