Essano Collagen Boost Facial Oil.

A little while ago my Rosehip face oil started to run out and I started to look for a facial oil. Now I like the Rosehip but it felt super heavy so one day trolling through the supermarket I came across the Essano Collagen Boost facial oil and I figured what the heck let’s give it a go.

The first thing I noticed is that it has a cocktail of different oils in it. Jojoba, Sunflower, Macca, Rosehip, Vitamin E and something called Schizandra or Chinese Magnolia vine. A quick Google tells me all this stuff is said to fight inflammation, boost hydration and repair damage done to your skin. That’s cool and a really bold claim for something that costs $20.

It’s also paraben, sulfate, and silicon free and not tested in animals. So is it not only face friendly but it’s critter friendly too. Double win.

All that is great but how does it go on your face? It’s really damn good. The oil itself is really light and you don’t need that much. I put literally 3-4 drops on and it does my whole face and neck. Yes, it does leave your face feeling a little oily for a second but it’s not so bad you feel like a grease pit. It also smells really nice and there is no strong scent. My moisturiser goes on straight over top and again doesn’t leave me greasy af.

The box claims 8 weeks and you’d see a difference. I’ve been using it that long (I even marked it on my calendar to check) and I can see a total difference. My skin looks brighter and feels 100% softer. Have all the wrinkles gone from my face? No. Are my scars? Not a lot? Do I look like I have a permanent soft light filter on my face? Heckin yeah!!

Would I recommend it to people? Shit yeah if you like that kinda thing. You could probably add it to a moisturiser but I’d be careful incase ingredients don’t gel well. I know when this bottle is out I’ll be getting another one.

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