Ads and I for whatever reason have been road testing some chips lately. I think it’s being at home more and kicking back we’ve been digging the snacks, so I decided to share our discoveries.

Coles Special Sauce chips – have you tried the Coles special sauce? It’s pretty much like Big Mac sauce and it’s amazing. It’s been out for ages but I bought it because I put together some home made burgers. It went so well we put it on a bacon egg roll and oh my freakin GOD it’s awesome. Well they have thin cut potato chips in this same flavour and I think they’re amazing. Very much like a light and tangy chip with a bit of a twist. I pretty much ate a whole bag straight up which is great for my taste buds but not for my butt.

Mission Lime and Chilli tortilla chips – now my husband got me onto these. He’d been at his brothers house who happened to get these on special. They’re a little spicy and a little tangy but I like them a lot. The only downside for me is that they make your fingers a little orange. Now I find them as I said on the mild side of spicy. My husband find them hot. If you don’t have a big tolerance for spicy food they might not be the thing for you. If you like super hot food they probably wont make a dent.

Coles American Style BBQ chips – ok so we did this in re reverse order to the Special Sauce chips . We went so see some friends and we took a bag of these chips with us. They’re bloody amazing. They have a distinct bbq flavour and a tiny bit spicy. They are very very moreish and you could just eat tonnes….and we did. After this I went and grabbed the sauce that the flavour is based off. Holy fucking hell it’s amazing!! Tangy with bunches of flavour. It goes with damn well everything. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t get it sooner.

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