Self Care and Social Media

A lot gets bandied about around self care. What it is and what it isn’t. It used to be that self care was bubble baths, chocolate and wine. Now it’s a lot deeper than that. Self care talk seems to be turning toward a lot more internal things. Protecting your energy, where you spend your time and what you expose yourself to.

It’s taking out those elements in your life that make you feel like shit. For a lot of people this is social media. Now I’m not saying you need to quit all social media (me who has 3 accounts on Insta alone can’t talk) or that you even know it’s making you feel like dirt. However, in many cases it’s not always helping.

I can’t hear you asking “ok dickhead, what are you on about”. For example say you feel shit about your body. Your human skin suit displeases you so you follow a bunch of Fitspo pages for motivation however you just feel worse but you still keep following them because you want the inspiration but you feel like shit because of the pages and so on. Un-fucking- follow that shit. If it makes you feel like crap don’t follow that person. You don’t need to be feeding your mind that shit because it sticks in there and your brain then tells you all sorts of unnecessary things.

The same goes for real life people. You’re friends with that person who does nothing but whinge, bitch and complain about *everything* unfriend them or if you can’t, at least mute their asses (they can’t tell. Trust me). You’re not obligated to interact with anyone or follow anyone you don’t want to.

“If I cut everyone out who makes me feel like crap cool. Who do I follow then genius?”. Take the fitness example. I follow people’s who’s main focus is fitness. However I look at what I get overall from their posts. If it’s all tits, ass and product placement it’s a hard pass. If I get laughs, really really good content (fitness or otherwise) that makes me feel informed and empowered I will follow someone.

If you’re influenced by the 5 people you spend the most time with can you imagine what your social media feed does? Only have those accounts that empower you and make you feel good. Once you feel good see how long it takes for other things to start to lift. It works. I did it myself.

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