Alone in bed? What is this sorcery.

Adam and I slept by ourselves in bed for the first time since March last Sunday. It was magical and wierd and I don’t think I’ve ever slept so well.

You see Hunter is now sleeping in his own bed. Now that doesn’t sound like a big deal but he’s 9, almost my height and has massive anxiety about being alone. It’s taken over a month of hard, consistent work and even though he’s not 100% he’s in his own bed. Now the hard part is that unlike most kids the bribe will only work with Hunter until he gets the thing. After that we’re sort of back to say square 2 of 10. Reward had task over which is pretty logical if you look at it. Even harder is pushing to continue the task (sleeping in your bed) unrewarded. To him it’s the equivalent of going to work unpaid for the love of the job, which we could all agree really isn’t a thing for most of us. Even the whole ‘more space, no one kicking you, privacy’ element isn’t enough.

Unexpected side effect of this whole thing is River wanting to be in her own bed. She wants to do the things Hunter does. He sleeps on the top bunk, River decided to take up residence on the bottom bunk. She plays and chills out on the bottom bunk. River went to sleep on that bottom bunk Sunday much to our amazement. Hence, Ads and I being alone all night. It was strange, weird and exciting for everyone. We may have killed 2 birds with one stone here. My plan in the next few weeks is new sheets and blankets like I did for Hunter to make it her own and hopefully by the end of the year we’re sleeping kid free.

Now begs the question of why we didn’t do it sooner. Well, to be honest, there was bigger stuff to deal with. Behaviour issues at school, where he was going to school, poor personal hygiene, sleeping at all let alone *where* he slept, correct medications, having River diagnosed and her stuff taken care of. Those things took precedent to where he slept. We were so busy putting out immediate fires this was on the waiting list. I’m forever grateful all that other stuff has been sorted so we could get this far because I could just end up sleeping next to Ads Saturday night. Two nights in 2 week. Look out. We’re luxurious now.

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