Crystals for Intuition

Amythest – the first time I picked a Crystal I picked this. It’s associated with your third eye and crown chakras. It’s funny now I think of it. It’s good for calming you down and making that intuitive decision. Amythest will turn on your intuition in a gentle way unlike Selenite which is sorta like turning on a floodlight.

Selenite – actually one of my favorite crystals. It weirdly looks like it’s lit from the inside and hates water so don’t put it in your bath. It’s like a broom for your soul and will sweep all the bad energy away. It’s also one of those crystals that will help you hook in with your spirit guides, guardian angels and meditation. Basically anything that needs higher level communication. Bonus is that it doesn’t need cleaning and will cleanse other stones.

Lapis Lazuli – this is great when you’re starting out on your spiritual journey or going through some sort of transformation. It’ll help reveal the best path for you and what you need to do.

Apophylite – this is amazing for lifting you up into a higher viberation. It’ll bring up feelings of joy, cleanse and re energise a space. It’s the joy you feel listening to ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go Go’ but in a Crystal. It’ll also hook you into that higher energy so you can tune into your intuition.

Blue Kyanite – this is a bit of a funny one for me. I find when it’s around I start dropping truth bombs everywhere. Not in a harsh mean way but it allows any blockages of expression and for me to tap into those higher frequencies. I can give feedback more from a place of love

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