Behind the Scenes

There’s that quote from a poem about best laid plans of mice and men going to shit. Well, not those exact words but you get what I mean. Well consider this Meeces plans a little bit sideways.

So as you know I mapped out a good strategy of getting shit done. The most brilliant content planner ever based on something I heard on a podcast. It’s so awesome I’ve even got next years content planned for both this blog and my tarot Insta. Totally legit and I can get up to two weeks ahead on all my posts which is awesome.

However my brain working at such a pace on top of life means that inevitably I will fall in a heap. Now I can do slow and steady but my brain and creativity doesn’t always work like that. So even if I do try slow and steady my brain will try and operate in that space of ‘get ahead’. That falling in a heap is how you get to dead air in the blog like I did this week.

Like I said on top of this bloggy tarot goodness I have life to contend with. Sick kids, more extended family drama than you can poke a stick at and just getting it done in general makes it a struggle. I mean no one is making me blog or do any of the extras but it makes me so happy that I want to keep on that train saying ‘I think I can. I think I can’.

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