Take responsibility for your shit

I’m starting to get tired. Real tired. Tired of what you may ask? I’m tired of people not taking responsibility for their shit. Everyone has at some point in their lives met someone who refuses to take responsibility for their actions. You know the person. It’s never their fault and they are always the victim. Passing things of to everyone else and continual drama. They can do no wrong and they always have one or 2 enablers around making excuses for them.

People like this are fucking exhausting. Truly they are. If you engage them head on you either end up with a torrent of tears and “why are you so mean”. Their enablers circle the wagon and confirm yes, you are a terrible asshole for not taking this persons shit. You could also be met with aggression and be dismissed. Like you’re crazy and they don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s their right to behave how you behave.

People who don’t take responsibility are hard to be around. They require a lot of emotional work even when you’re not buying their garbage. You’re putting energy into maintaining boundaries. Energy into not reacting or getting involved with them or their little pack of groupies. It’s a lot to deal with. Have you ever noticed that though? These people who dodge how they act always seem to attract little bands of people who make excuses for them or enable their behaviour. Why though? Why give these people a free pass to behave badly? What are you getting from it? I know it’s not always practical to confront them but enabling just creates a monster.

There is usually some kind of buck passing with people who don’t take responsibility. It’s always on someone else why the drama is happening. It’s never them or their choices that cause drama. It’s never their petty behavior that causes arguments it’s others holding a grudge or them being harassed. They refuse to believe their choices are what has put them where they are.

Like I said I’m sick of it and lately it’s something I’ve seen more and more. Why is that? Is it because it’s easier to bypass and lay the blame on others rather than admit any shortcomings? Is it because people don’t want to grow up? Are they rebelling?

So, when something happens take ownership of your part in it. Say “yeah I messed up” or “that was a poor choice” and really mean it. It’s hard I know because I do it myself. However I’ve found that when you do this people are far more understanding and less drama. It’s uncomfortable for a while yes, but it’ll feel a lot less like everyone is out to get you. This doesn’t mean you take on others shit for the sake of it. Only own your stuff. Owning other people’s shit is a whole other post

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