I’m a reformed hater

Hello, my name is Casey and I’m a reformed halloween hater.

I was a total Halloween hater. I was that asshole that complained about it being an American tradition and how we never had it when I was little blah blah. Now, I’m not so much a hater. I wouldn’t let my kids tick or treat (we don’t live in that kind of neighbourhood) but I’m not against it.

See our kids aren’t into the traditional holidays like Easter and Christmas. Could not give a heck about the Easter bunny because they aren’t into chocolate really. Santa isn’t really a thing for them apart from presents and they aren’t into the magic of Christmas. Halloween though, apparently that’s their jam. I only noticed because as all the Halloween specials of the kids shows came on River was super into it. She loves a good dress up and to put on a show. So, this year is the first year I’m decorating the inside of the house.

I carved a pumpkin for the first time which was amazing. I have friends Steve and Beth who have carved some amazing pumpkins. I started easy this way and just did basic faces and they were awesome and easier than I thought. The kids loved the heck out of them. I have little strings of skull and pumpkin lights as well as a glow in the dark bat too. It must have hit the ticket because River keeps screaming ‘Happy Halloween”.

Getting into the fun hasn’t killed me. The kids have had a great time and next year we might just branch out into food and costumes. I think we’ve found our holiday.

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