Remember that time I said that your beliefs and practises should fit you and what is right for you? Well, while the rest of the witchy world is celebrating Halloween I’m out here doing Beltane.

So what in the actual heck is Beltane?

It’s celebrating the halfway point of spring. Everything is starting to sprout and things are to bear fruit. Traditionally it’s also about weddings, match making and celebrations. What comes with a good party? A bonfire. Parties, fertility (or people flirting at least) and fire. Talk about a good time.

Now what’s the best way to celebrate this apart from the obvious? Well since it’s a celebration all about things coming to fruition, beauty and all things sexy there’s a lot you can do. Fresh flowers, being outside, airing out your house or maybe a nice scented candle. If you can’t do fresh flowers think outside the box. Change your phone or computer wallpaper to flowers. Better yet change it to your favorite celebrity crush because looking at a Hemsworth for the day can’t be the worst thing in the world right? Going shopping? Make yourself a meal with some in season stuff. Grab some of the fruit in season (mangos are cheap where I live right now) and enjoy the shit out of that. Dress in something that makes you feel amazing.

Don’t be restricted by what you think you should be doing. Think outside the box and feel great.

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