The Other Boleyn Girl

A million years ago I got sucked into reading a lot of historical fiction. Mostly about Tudor England and Henry VIII because let’s face it, that period in history is pretty much made for a good drama.

I came across The Other Boleyn Girl. It’s about Mary Boleyn who was pretty much picked out to be with Henry VIII once Catherine of Aragon was given the flick. Her family backed the match but her little sister Anne muscled in on the act. When Henry liked her more she got pushed forward by the family. In that whole mess there are other family members, children and in the end Mary is quietly married to someone else in the country.

Now, as you’d expect it’s not terribly historically accurate. All the players are there but they are out of order (Anne is older than Mary and their brother George). All the husbands, children and scandal are there but who was actually involved in what is a bit jumbled. Anne is made to seem a bit more calculating than she was as are their parents.

Is it terrible? Heck no it’s not terrible. Pulpy and dramatic? Yes. Easy to read? Double yes. If you’re after a nice light read on holiday this is your jam. Shit, watch the movie version with Eric Bana and Natalie Portman. There are a bunch of other books in this series (6 at least) so if you like it you can keep charging on.

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