I have so mushroom in my heart for you…

When it comes to random food claims on the internet or in documentaries I’m the most skeptical person. I mean I don’t believe shit until I’ve looked into it myself. I say this because I watched The Game Changers and 15 minutes in I was ready to ditch steak forever, Seriously. I’m a steak and cake kind of girl. I eat my steak is blue for fucks sake. However, I was ready to ditch meat forever.

Why? Inflammation that’s why. Inflammation is something that comes hand in hand with arthritis. My hands have been really bad. I hurt when I get up. My knees and feet are killing me. I’ve slowly been getting worse and worse. Being in pain every day is bullshit. So, you show me something that might help with that and I’m all over it like Charlie Sheen on cocaine.

The Game Changers talks a lot about plant based diets helping with recovery and inflammation in athletes. I then did what I do best and researched the shit out of it. Turns out there is some evidence to suggest a diet largely based diet is good for arthritis and as of last Monday I’ve been largely meat free. It doesn’t mean I’ll never eat meat again or I’m making the kids go meat free but I’m out here with Ads giving it a go.

I know there’s a bias to me wanting this to work so I’m keeping that in mind when going through how I feel. I feel great. I mean really great. I’m waking straight up in the morning full of energy. i’m not dragging my ass about trying to wake up. I’m hitting the ground running. I feel brighter and more alert. So far so good on the pain front. I don’t hurt from the knees down or feel like I’m broken every damn day. My joints dont hurt. I’m pretty impressed and it’s been a week. I’m also excited to see what happens after a month.

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