My Lush Favorites

This being the week of my birthday I thought I’d share my best ever favorites from Lush.

1. Mask of Magnamity – this is my all time favorite mask from Lush. It makes my skin look glowy and clay masks are my favorites. The peppermint in there also makes my skin feel nice.4

2. Dream Cream – every damn summer I buy a big big pot. It instantly takes the sting out of sunburn, It also seems to heal quicker. I’m not sure if it’s the chamomile but it’s amazing.

3. Handy Guru – holy freakin shitballs. Its thick and luxurious hand cream. One application and it lasts for days. Only draw back is that it’s in a pot and harder to get in my work bag but you get that.

4. Anything Lord of Misrule scented – the combo of black pepper and patchouli is amazing. It smells so warm, cosy and relaxing.

5. Skin Drink – it smells like sesame seeds and has a million (ok so more like 5) types of oils and butters plus avocado. My skin, as the name suggests, drinks it up. Never has my skin felt so soft or looked so glowy.

6. Kitsune bath bomb – smells like a bakery, is bubbly and has gold glitter. Everything I like in one bath bomb and it makes me happy.

7. Yuge hair treatment – I love it and it makes my hair big and bouncy. Double plus for making my hair smell like peppermint.

8. Bohemian soap – smells like lemons and is super fresh. It makes me happy using it.

9. Ultrabland cream cleanser – this shit is amazing. Seriously. It’ll take off a full face of make up in no time flat and your skin doesn’s feel overly ‘clean’ if that makes sense. It feels like your skin but without that squeaky clean tight feeling.

10. Angels on Bare Skin – its slightly clay basd which seems weird but it works so nicely. Again my face doesn’t feel overly tight and wierd

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