Best of October

Here we are at the end of October. It’s hard to believe it’s nearly the end of the year! However here I am with my favorites for October.

1. Atypical – this shot to the top of the list the minute I started watching this. It’s about an 18 year old called Sam who is autistic and his family’s adventures through life. There is a drama element (cheating, marriage breakdown etc) but the most interesting bit is a lot of it is from Sams perspective. It got Ads and I talking and looking at the way we do things. It well worth the look.

2. Incense cones – wierd one I know. I burn it every day at home and I love the little cones because they make a crap tonne less mess than the sticks.

3. Bad Ass Manifestor podcast – it was listening to this that it dawned on me that a lot of the opinions and ideas I had aren’t mine. I was told for the longest time that my thoughts were wrong and what I was doing was wrong based on other people’s shit. They were projecting their insecurities and lack into me and trying to make me fix their mistakes. That’s not on me so no, I’ll keep doing me.

4. Rhythm and Flow – this is like The Voice but for rappers. It’s really good and the talent on there is amazing. Really amazing. It was also good to see a talent show that was different to a lot of stuff currently on TV.

5. Shungite – it’s the crystal equivalent of the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter. Not the fact you’ll be actually invisible but when I have it around I find that less negativity seems to find me. I don’t get dragged into so much bullshit and it’s really nice. I makes me see the fuckery I don’t want around me.

6. My jeans shorts – like most things I have they are from Kmart. A nice light blue wash. Long enough for my butt not to hang out and short enough not to be down around my knees. I also feel young and fresh in them which is also nice.

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