Mum you’re just jealous it’s the Beastie Boys

I don’t remember when I first heard the Beastie Boys. I definitely knew You Gotta Fight (for your right) and I think I heard Intergalactic when I first starting going out with my friends. Then a few years ago I was trying different types of music out to find something that chilled him out. Lo and behold a Beastie Boys song came on at random and he relaxed and started bopping along,

My mate Smem (everyone say “Hi Smem”) loves them. I shared Hunter was into Beasties and that conversation lead me to download the entire back catalog. I’m pretty sure Smem sent me a whole file of music and shenanigans too. Google their back catalog and see how much music that is?! It’s a lot. I listened to the whole thing. THE WHOLE THING. I like the older stuff and my favorite song is actually No Sleep Till Brooklyn. Hunter likes Brass Monkey the best.

I think the thing about The Beasties I like the most is that it’s something that I can actually listen to with Hunter. It’s not overly sweary and there are themes but all in all I don’t mind him singing it at the top of his lungs. They’re also really easy to listen to no matter what mood you’re in which is also a positive for me. If you’re after something fun and cool to listen to Beasties are it. They’ve also been around for a long LONG time (like 1980s and were one of the first acts on Def Jam) and if you’re going to withstand that 40 year period you have to be doing something right.

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