Crystals for New Things

Sometimes I need a bit of a boost when I’m trying to do new things and predictably it’s normally a crystal or two in my pocket. These are the crystals I have in my pockets when starting new things.

Malachite is fabulous for transformation and turning over a new leaf. It’ll turn nervous energy into productive energy. I also think it helps clear up any blocks so you can go chase the things you’re passionate about. It’s green and about your heart. Lets get those feels nice and clear ready to go.

Need a shot in the ass of courage? Carnelian will do it. She’s a confident sassy stone who is encouraging you to be creative. It’ll hold you down too so you’re not flying away with the creative energy. I also like to combine it with citrine (also on the list) to make it a for of spiritual Redbull.

Apophyllite is like having therapy in your pocket. It’ll hook you into your highest self and higher vibrations but also chill you right out. Feeling good and relaxed to bring your new thing to existence with minimal stress, Lets jump in those nerves about bringing a whole new thing into the works.

Citrine is a stone for light heartedness, energy and abundace, It’s about having fun and bringing in the good vibes. It’s the ray of sunshine and hope in your pocket. She’s fun too so while you’re dragging the good vibes into your life what you’re creating seems like less effort.

Lastly we’re rounding out with Tigers Eye. She’s a wee bit more forceful but it’s about building confidence in yourself and what you’re doing. It encourages you to stay grounded and do the hard yards, It’ll keep you pointed toward the positives and focused on details but at the same time bounce others negative energies off you.

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