3 Commonly Misunderstood Tarot Cards

Today I thought I’d stick pretty close to home and get back into my tarot flow since I’ve been doing a few 2020 readings. Now there are 3 cards that cause people to freak get right out when they appear in a reading and I wanted to talk today about why either card isn’t as bad as it looks.

Right off the back lets talk about the Death card. People see it and think that it means someone is going to die or it’s going to predict actual physical death. Yeah but nah. Death could also be renamed transformation. It’s about letting the old things go and making way for the new. Letting the old die facades and ways of doing things die. It also might mean that things have come to a natural end and it’s time for a new start. Now if you look at the traditions that link cards to astrology this card is associated with Scorpio which is a sign that really is about breaking things down and transformation. Becoming something new and encouraging evolution. It’s a water sign card so there is a lot of emotion around the situation like their would be surrounding death. Drawing this card could also predict an event during October/November which is prime Scorpio season which here is Spring so it’s transformation into something new after the dead of winter.

The second card that wigs people out is the Devil card. Now it’s not saying you’re about to come across some sort of terrible evil. This card reminds us not that we can be too chained to things and that sometimes we need to address those parts of ourselves that keep us there. The things that can sometimes consume us when we know they shouldn’t. It can also show very strong intense relationships. Astrologically it relates to Capricorn which is a sign that’s always striving and reaching for more, sometimes to their own detriment. It could be that it’s showing something happening in Capricorn season which is the end of December to early January. Capricorns ruling planet is Saturn which is about restrictions and limitations and that feeds right back into the theme of this card.

The last card I’m talking about today is the Tower. Now it’s always a bit dicey with people because it’s a card a bit like Death, that’s ushering a change. Except with the Tower it’s always a shocking sudden change. Everything you know is shaken to the core so you can rebuild from the ashes. It’s a total phoenix card. For those astrologically inclined it’s a car for Mars which is the god of War. It’s about confronting and taking things head on. It’s also a planet associated with fire signs so expect a lot of hot and intense action for that dramatic change in your thinking or actions.

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