Best of November

It’s almost the end of November which is a bit of a trip. Christmas is about to kick off and my annual stint of overtime at work is about to commence so before everything goes bat crap crazy here’s my best of November.

1. My support team – I’ll be forever grateful for the people in my support team. They worked a bit overtime this month because of last week. It was pretty insane and I needed a fair bit of reassurance I wasn’t a shit mum or human being. Sometimes being able to lean on others is whats stops me going completely nuclear and melting down.

2. My Sturdy Girl tshirt – it arrived! Sturdy Girl is a brand started by Neghar Fonooni who is an all around bad ass. The idea is simple. Being a Sturdy girl is about being strong, resilient and doing the hard shit. Grace, grit and guts. It’s about being the baddest of bitches but also having a softer side. That’s an idea I can get behind and it’s supporting female owned businesses so yay.

3. Pamper day for my birthday – holy Christ on a cracker this was amazing. This year I got a 2hr pamper package for my birthday off Adam and the kids. There was a bodyscrub, massage, facial and I got my eyebrows done. I walked out of there glowing and feeling refreshed, relaxed, like a whole new person. On top of that Ads organised dinner so double yay.

4. New coffee machine – so for our first anniversay Adam bought me a Nespresso Coffee machine (a Pixie model for those that are curious). That was 7 years ago and earlier this month it died in the ass. Started pissing out coffee where the coffee shouldn’t be coming out of and it was upsetting because coffee is life. Our toaster went out in sympathy. Cue that afternoon and Adam went out to buy a toaster but also came home with a shiny shiny new coffee machine (Citiz model) It’s bloody brilliant. I know people hate on pod machines but it does a bloody brilliant job of nice coffee.

5. Getting back to the library – I like to read. Back in the day I could do a book a day and before kids a couple of books a week. I used to go to the library a lot but I took a bit of a break and now I’m back to the library every few weeks for new books. Even if I don’t get through all the titles I chose I’m happy to just be reading new stuff.

6. Astrology Hub – lately my Tarot work has been dragging me a lot to astrology so I started deep diving for a few resources. I came across Astrology Hub and while it doesn’t specifically touch on the Tarot – Astrology connection (it’s there one though so expect some posts) it’s interesting as fuck and has me looking at my natal chart (a picture of where the planets are when you’re born) a bit differently. I see a new area of interest looming

7. Pulling the plug on life for a week – if this wasn’t the best idea ever I don’t know what is. I cancelled school for Hunter, we did the bare minimum and did nothing all weekend. Sometimes you have to and even the kids psychologist said at this end of the year it’s a totally valid thing. I wont lie while I felt shit I wasn’t chunking through a to do list I felt pretty great just hanging out and watching things on TV and reading.

8. Obsidian – now what would my favorites for the month be without listing a crystal eh? Obsidian is for grounding, protection and working on the parts of yourself you keep tucked away from most people (aka shadow side). The reason this gets a wrap because during my week of fuckery I had a little piece of this black beauty in my pocket. Not for the shadow work aspect or the protection although Lord knows I needed to protect my energy from people. It was for it’s hella grounding properties. My feet needed to firmly be planted on the ground and my head didn’t need to be in the clouds. Leveling out that frantic energetic surge was what I needed exactly. Bring all those good vibes back to Earth.

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