Boring shit as self care

Now people bang on a lot about self care. Self care comes in many different varieties. When it comes down to it self care is defined as taking steps to look after your well being to get you through your every day commitments and keep life running pretty smoothly. The reason I bring this up because lately I’ve been seeing lots of people talking about self care and how it doesn’t have to be impressive or exciting, In fact it’s ok if self care is boring an mundane.

What does that mean?

Well if you look at that little definition it’s the stuff that keeps you going so you can keep rolling along being a relatively successful complicated lettuce (we are mostly water and so are lettuce incase you’re a bit wtf) with emotions. That means self care is legitimately sitting down with your diary or calendar and figuring out what you have going on for the next few weeks so that you’re not running around like a headless chicken. It could be sitting down on pay day and making sure things are paid, you have a payment plan or working out a budget. It could be making sure everyone in your house is fed, has clean clothes and showered. For me self care is taking my medication every damn day without fail.

See self care gets glamourised a lot as chocolate cake and bubble baths. For me my once a week soak in the tub is a must to reset my brain. However it’s important to show that just because you’re not into those things or can’t access them that you’re not doing self care. Self care is sensory which is reading books and bubble baths. Its emotional which can be feeling your feelings and allowing yourself to be angry, sad, happy or whatever you need to feel. Self care is physical which is going for walks, looking after your body by getting check ups, or eating good food. It is spiritual which is stuff like praying, meditation, going to whatever places you like to go to get in touch with whatever you believe. Then believe it or not there is professional self care which is getting things right at work and adjusting things where you can to make your life easier. Clearing your locker, work bag, stocking up stationary or even making maintenance requests to get things fixed.

Again dont think because you’re not doing anything that’s Insta worthy you’re not doing self care. You are but you probably don’t know it. Celebrate the things you do and recognise them. Be proud you’re getting shit done to be a functional, emotional almost lettuce.

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