Summer Essentials.

1. Good playlist – I have 2 summer playlists. One of fun music for bbqs and hanging out when you need energy. The other is for when it’s so hot you can’t move and having energy just means you sweat more. The first one has whatever good things I’ve come across on the internet and probably some old pre head shaving Britney. The second one is mostly Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, Ed Sheeran and a whole bunch of shit that probably doesn’t take much effort to listen to.

2. Sun protection – I am a redhead and therefore fry at even the smallest hint of sun. So when the weather gets warmer I start getting into the sun protection because I refuse to spend my summers beetroot red anymore. I have 50+ sunscreens for my body and face (yes, 2 different ones), a hat, I stay out of the sun and cover myself right up.

3. Dream Cream – this is incase you miss the memo or slip on number 2. Something about the chamomile, rose water and tea tree take the sting right out of sunburn. It also takes the redness down a notch. It is a goddamn dream and it’s nice when it’s been sitting in the fridge.

4. Zooper Doopers – if you don’t have these in your freezer in summer what are you even doing with your life. They work as dinner when it’s too hot. It works as something to eat after work at 10pm and it’s still 36 degrees outside. They work for all situations and they come on special at $5 a packet and the shops become empty.

5. Cooling paraphernalia – we have a portable air con we got from Good Guys that gets used to blow the cool air into bedrooms. We also normally have a blow up pool but with the water restrictions we can’t exactly have one of those in the backyard. Cold washers, cold moisturisers, portable fans, anything it takes you to cool down,

6. A house dress/shorts – something you wouldn’t wear in public that has your butt hanging out or loose as hell but keeps you cool around the house. I have a really unflattering dress that I can wear while I’m cleaning the house and a pair of old old shorts where my butt hangs out. They’re my go to house clothes that are a good alternative to me living in my bikini.

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