How’s that plant based thing going?

So a little while back after watching Game Changers I, like a crap tonne of people decided that plant based was a thing that I should really give a proper solid go. The thing that peaked my interests from the word go was the things the documentary said about recovery time and reducing inflammation. As someone who has arthritis inflammation is something that I have to deal a lot with. That was exactly 4 weeks ago.

So what’s happened in 4 weeks.

The biggest thing by far is the amount of pain I am in on a daily basis has dramatically reduced. Before I would get up and hobble around hunched over like an old lady for 20 minuted because my toes, feet, knees, and hands hurt. I couldn’t get going. Now I’m up, out of bed and wandering around like I don’t even have arthritis. My toes and feet don’t hurt. My knees are great and I haven’t had an arthritic flare up in weeks. The only time my feet hurt now are after a big night at work which you would expect. I’m not wrecked for weeks and weeks.

Remember that thing I said about just getting up and out of bed? That’s the other big thing I have noticed. I have much more energy than I have in a long time. When I wake up I’m alert straight away and it doesn’t take me 100 years and 2 coffees to wake up. My brain is firing on all cylinders first go. Those nights I don’t sleep I’m not as much of a hot mess the next day. I’m tired but not crying on the floor tired. I just feel…good.

I feel 100% less bloated than I did before. I hadn’t even noticed until I stopped eating so much meat how heavy I felt in the gut. Full also feels different, not like I want to go and sleep or feel vomitous sick.

Now it’s not all rainbows and unicorn farts. Mostly plant based (and I say that because I do eat meat still just veggo where possible) food takes a bit of organising. I’m a kick ass organiser which isn’t a problem but it’s harder than say just chucking something in a frying pan. The other thing is I wasn’t quite prepared for the amount of fibre I would be eating. Its a lot and can make things a bit farty but you get that.

Would I suggest everyone do this? Heckin no. If more plants less meat isn’t your thing that’s cool but more veggies never hurt anyone.

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