Schools out for summer

We made it to the end of another school year and just in time. Sliding in sideways slightly disheveled but here we are.

Change and growth were massive themes for the kids this year which is pretty ironic since sudden change can be a big thing for many autistic people. The kids changes therapists with poor Hunter going through 2 occupational therapists and 2 psychologists. He handled it well and with only a minor hiccup or two.

Hunter is changing and growing within himself. Most notably the recent descent into puberty. I say descent because it’s definitely not a stairway to heaven. My sweet boy is in there but he often wears a cloak of side eyeing teenager who wants to get sassy. That’s cool, I work in hospitality and speak sarcasm and sass very well. However what I wasn’t prepared for was being called the fuck out by a fledgling teenager whom has no concept of how things can be seen as disrespectful. Things like “this is your fault because if you’d just…” because in his brain he’s offering honest constructive feedback and doesn’t mean it maliciously…mostly. Hunter’s also trying to find out where he fits in the grand scheme of things. Currently he wants to be a gamer/YouTube/meme connoisseur so he’s looking at all things internet. Then he’s also experimenting with his appearance growing out his hair, painting his nails and trying a few different things on. Oh, and we’re learning about skincare too because pimples suck.

River has done her own stint with change and growth. Her communication has come along in leaps and bounds. Now she tells me she’s hungry, loves and misses me as well as being VERY good at telling me she’s pissed off. Better communication means awesome things like listening to her sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow and (quite oddly for a 4yo) Purple Rain by Prince. Better communication means confidence and independence. River sleeps part of the time in her own bed and can do things like peeling eggs and carrots. She wants to learn how to do everything by herself and dresses herself too. Rivers ability to share and play with other people as opposed to along side them like she was doing at the beginning of the year is amazing.

We’re also through our last formal therapy appointments this year. Just a check up with the pediatrician to make sure Hunters meds are good and a catch up session with the psych Wednesday and that’s us done for 3 whole weeks!! I’m so excited that we made so much progress and we can now take a breather.

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