Who is that masked man?!

So with this year reaching some sort of fever pitch of fuckery leading into Christmas and the last 2 weeks of 2019 decided that a little non negotiable face mask was needed. Sometimes I need to rub a bunch of stuff onto my face and just chill.

First up I grabbed the Garnier Hydrabomb tissue mask because who doesn’t love a good sheet mask. Putting it on was pretty easy and there were cuts in the mask to make it fit your face better which I really appreciated, The thing that did weird me out a little was the fact it was so slippery. It was loaded with moisturiser and slid about. Any excess that came out of the mask I wiped down onto my neck and let sit there. After the 15 minutes was up I removed the mask and wiped all the excess goo off my face and it was goo (kinda reminded me of clear snot). My face felt super smooth almost permanently wet and that’s probably because the first 5 ingredients in there (I did the Googles to check) are to either preserve hydration or lock moisture into things. My skin felts glowy and amazing for days.

A word about the Googling of things. I have done a fair bit of chemistry at uni back in the day. Now the thing is that just because something contains say aluminium which is also in the foil you wrap your roast chook in, doesn’t mean you’re gonna die or are wrapping foil on your face. Chemicals can have other applications that are far less damaging in different quantities and situations. For example you see people getting botox quite safely for a bunch of reasons. Botox is a derivative of botulism which is something you get from eating bad food and can leave you paralyzed. The chemicals that make your toothpaste pepperminty? If you put part of the chemical on the other side (e.g. make it a L not an R compound) it tastes like aniseed. Don’t freak out because something says a chemical that looks wierd. Google the medical or cosmetic application of the thing and use critical thinking.

Second ‘but’…I’m not a skin specialist. My gorgeous friend Robyn is and as a professional with years of training she’d probably tell you something entirely different to everything I have just said. That’s because she’s a pro. I’m just telling you what works when I put things on my skin. If you have really problematic skin someone like Robyn is your go to. Sort of how you’d use margarine instead of butter or a packet soup in a recipe and Gordon Ramsay would die before doing that. I’m you and Robyn is Ramsay (much prettier and not as sweary though). Pick your information source too and be aware of why people are sharing what they are e.g. influencers are often paid.

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