Astrology Hub podcast

There’s a long standing relationship between tarot and astrology. In the last month or so I’ve started studying astrology and reading charts to give my reading some extra depth. Now every time I want to do a new thing my first go to is a podcast because I can learn while I do other stuff. Cue Astrology Podcast.

The thing that struck me most is that most episodes have a well respected guest on them explaining something that’s their specialty within astrology (and there is a LOT of them). It’s aimed at a kid level of knowledge and if there is something unfamiliar the host backs up and will explain it out or provide a resource in the podcast show notes. The other thing is in their weekly astrological forecast they explain out what each event that week means and step it out so even on my first listen I got it.

It must be working because since listening I have picked up things about different planets that correspond with certain tarot cards and it gives a bit more weight to the reading. I know that I did a reading recently for a guy and I pulled Death which is a straight Pluto/Scorpio card and is all about transformation and rebirth. It fit with the theme of his reading.

If you’re into astrology or want a bit of background information for something else this is your podcast.

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