Christmas Movies

Many people at this time of year have a list of Christmas movies they love to watch. You see the arguments and lists pop up online and I’m no different. Here is a list of some of my must have Christmas movies. It’s short but it’s the ones I love.

1. Home Alone – it was massive when I was a kid. I mean huge so it’s a pretty nostalgic thing for me. It’s little Kevin McAlister accidentally being left at home by his giant family and all the hi-jinks that ensue. I mean now you look at it and it’s terribly neglectful and you’re questioning how in the actual fuck you forget a kid. For the joyful childish thing it is, Home Alone is great.

2. Die Hard – yeah I’m gonna be that guy. It happens at Christmas every time and I like it as a bit of an antidote to the diabetes movies you normally get. Who doesn’t like to see a young Bruce Willis (with hair) do his thing and smash some bad guys. Seeing I work in hospitality it soothes the angry bitch in me after the busy nights at work.

3. Four Holidays – Reece Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn get caught out trying to sneak away on holidays rather than spend time with their respective families. It’s funny, cheesy and the actual best. My favorite is where they’re over at Brad’s (Vince Vaughns) Dad’s place and the satellite dish comes off the roof. Freaking hilarious or all the horny old women Katie’s (Reece Witherspoons) Mums house. It’s one that we can all watch and get a giggle. It’s so good Ads watches it mid year.

4. National Lampoons: Christmas Vacation – now I’m normally dead set against this level of fuckery. I really don’t like Chevy Chase (haven’t seen Caddyshack and I’m not gonna so don’t @me). I do however love the SHIT out of this movie. The scene with the Christmas lights reminds me of a guy I work with who takes his Christmas decorations VERY seriously. It’s also a bit of old school non animated hilarity.

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