Summer Solstice

Soon here in the southern hemisphere we’ll be half way through summer which coincides with yeat another witchy festival, Litha. It’s all about celebrating summer and the sun being at it’s shiny powerful best.

Many traditions have elements of fire and lighting bonfires but seeing as much of the state is on fire and we’re in a total fire ban lets not do that. If you’re dead set on a bonfire download a fire screensaver for your phone or other such device. Change your wallpaper. Just don’t light fires.

Litha is about enjoying the sunshine and all the fantastic things that are in season. Make yourself a picnic and head out with your mates to the park or beach. Have a bbq and have everyone around for a lemonade. Lay on the beach, read a book and listen to some good tunes.

Litha is also the time when marriages, relationships and fertility is celebrated. If you have someone special make a meal for them or spend a day just chilling enjoying each others company. If you have kids have a day of play where you’re just kicking back celebrating the fact you have these pretty amazing kids. If you have neither reach out to those you care for and say you love the shit out of them. Celebrate your friendships and family. Celebrate your fur babies.

Get out there and enjoy the sun at his summery shiny best.

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