New Year who dis

2019 is over and a whole decade gone. How insane is that?

We started last year with a new autism diagnosis for River and having to start therapy for her, plus making NDIS plans for both kids. Work was full on. Then as the year went on lots of great things happened. Rivers speech and communication shot up 110% and she now is so much more outgoing. She also sings now! Always with the singing and I couldn’t be more pleased. Hunter did so well at school (there were a few hairy bits) he received a principals award for his improvement. He’s also officially in puberty according to the pediatrician so crazy days ahead there. My husband got sick and we had our 4th cancer scare, because really is 3 in your life not enough? Turns out it wasn’t but still it wasn’t great. Ads also started a new and far less stressful job which we’re all very very grateful for because not only is he less stressed. but we see him on the weekends!

Then there’s me.

I started out 2019 a bundle of worry and stress. As the year went on it didn’t get any better until about mid year when I threw it all in the Fuck It bucket and forgot about it all. Sure I may have had a breakdown or two because another cancer scare for Adam will do that to you. I continued to find my way with this blog and started a whole seperate Instagram for my tarot work because I have all the spare time in the world ( /heavy sarcasm). I was nominated for an award at work in not one but 2 catagories which shocked the shit out of me. Also, can we talk about the last 3 weeks of 2019 because that was some bullshit and I don’t know a single person who didn’t have some sort of major life stuff go down. I had 2 different people go to hospital, my husband still is debaing to go to hospital, I was horribly sick, family drama, work drama. 2019 was determined to go down in a blaze of glory for the end of a year but also of the decade.

Yeah, 2019 rounded out a decade. I got married, had 2 kids, and found my forever job. I became really fit and also broken at the same time. I got fixed but Ads had 4 cancer diagnosis. He changed jobs 4 times and we had 2 diagnosis of Autism for the kids. I swapped footy teams (Go Bunnies) and both my old and new teams won premierships. I learned to take photos, qualified as a chef, ran a commercial kitchen, trained apprentices and saw the place that taught me everything I know about cheffing close down. I got spiritual and rekindled my love of tarot, found crystals and all things ‘woo’.

I might need a rest and a lie down.

2020 is promising big things though. From a ‘woo’ point of view there is a whole bunch of astrological shenanigans going down and the last time all the planets were in this particular configuration it was the reformation of the Catholic Church. So, expect some big changes to come through in rearranging governments and the way we do things. Also, expect a whole bunch of practical Capricorn energy to be flinging about your lives because everything apparently has a desperate need to hang in Capricorn. 2020 is the set up for the next 10 year cycle so put some big effort into making sure you lock in the good shit now and do the ground work for where you want to head. For me it looks like a big work and family year so I have my goals set out, action steps mapped and it’s just up to the Universe to come through with the rest.

Also can I say hydrate yourselves because it just makes good sense. Hydrate your skin, your lips, your body, your soul. Fill yourself up with the things that make you feel good. Eat your veggies too because hashtag health.

Wherever this year takes you thankyou for spending the last one with me. If you’ve been here from the beginning I thank you from the bottom of my big ol’ heart. I can’t wait to be kicking ass with you all this year.

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