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Astrology – Yasmin Boland

I may have been starting to get into astrology a bit lately to give some depth to my tarot readings since cards can have astrological references. Astrology by Yasmin Boland is a book I got for Christmas to try and teach myself how to read peoples natal charts (pictures of how the planets were lined up when you were born) better.

This is labelled as a Hay House Basic so it’s designed to give you a base idea of what you’re looking at when it comes to Astrology. Not surprisingly it’s what it actually did. The book starts at the very beginning and piece by piece works through the houses, planets, how they relate and the different configurations of said planets and houses mean. It also goes over how harmonious the planets are when they are in certain positions (it works off geometry so it’s degrees) within the sky. The language is super easy to understand too which made it really easy to read.

Boland has a great way of making it easy to relate to the content too and I’m pretty sure helped with it’s readability. The stuff I found tricker in other books just seemed like no big deal in this book. Trines? Cool! Sextile? No biggie! There was nothing that seemed difficult. I mean I read it over in 2 hours waiting in Emergency recently when I was sick and felt like I could take a good running stab at someones birth chart.

Yasmin Boland is also known for her Moonology book and all it’s accompanying forms and as a knowledgable astrologer so she knows what she’s on about. Experience, knowledge and simplicity is absolutly what you’ll get in this book. If you’re an astrology nOOb like me or are looking to get a bit more of an understanding this is a great place to start and you wont regret it at all.

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