Face Mask – Brazen Honey

In typical me style I got a whole bunch of face masks and stuff from Lush for Christmas. One of the things I got was the fresh face mask Brazen Honey. It’s a detoxifying and refreshing mask with things like ginger, honey, tumeric and fennel in it (just quietly it sounds like a good salad).

I love the warming effect the ginger has on my face and after this mask my skin looks like there is a little light shining somewhere on the inside. It always makes my skin feel soft without being creepily soft, The one thing I don’t like about this mask is the almonds shells for scrubbing your face stings even if you just gently wash it off with a face cloth. Now my skin nerd mate Robyn would probably say that’s because a mechanical scrub like that isn’t real great and I probably overuse the hyaluronic acid serum I have and it’s made my skin a bit sensitive. Whatever the reason it hurts.

Would I get this mask again? If it didn’t have the almond bits I would. All day every day hands down. The bits of crunchy almonds put me off a lot but the guts of the product is not terrible.

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