Morning Wars

When I got the Disney app I downloaded the apple TV app at the same time. The sole reason was Morning Wars. I’d seen clips all over Facebook and it looked so good that I wanted to watch it. Bonus was because I have an iPhone I got the subscription for 12 months for free 🙂

Morning Wars is about a mythical morning show (think Today or Sunrise) and the fall out from its male anchor being fired for sexual harassment. As the fired anchor Steve Carrell is fucking awesome. You’re used to seeing him being odd or left of center but this character is something we haven’t seen from him. The character ans situation is very reminiscent of Harvey Weinstien and the Me Too movement.

The show also addresses how women are putted against each other and made to believe they mist compete to succeed. Jennifer Aniston as the female lead anchor and Reese Witherspoon the new upcoming firestorm together are magic. Their characters are believeable and make you feel for them. Anistons long suffering female lead who wants to secure her place and try to have some sort of control over her workplace. Witherspoon is awesome as the young upstart who’s been thrust into a role she didn’t really ask for and some how has to navigate.

It ended on an absolute cliff hanger and I’ll be on the edge of my seat until next season which is due to be sometime next year. While they’re keeping pretty quiet about what might happen, considering Anistons character has an on air meltdown about the whole situation it’s bound to be amazing.

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