When you look at an astrology chart it will tell you often times that planets are in trine. It means that they are 120 degrees apart in the sky, These trines are amazing to ave in your chart. They are the supportive and loving aspects in your chart that just happen without you even trying. Oddly enough unless you have a bit of conflict ear one of those planets you may not develop that talent. That goes doubly so if you have what’s called a Grand Trine. You have 3 planets that cause an equilateral triangle all with corners at 120 degrees from the other. You probably have some sort of freakish natural talent you’re top of your game at and aren’t even out of first gear

For example I have the sun in trine with my rising sign i.e. Sun trine Pisces. It indicates that I’m a bit of a natural leader, honest and courageous. I will sit on my ass however and assume that my personality and charm will get me over the line (yeah, kinda unfortunately) so my challenge is to get out there and be a bit more action oriented with it. Now the conflict for me comes because I have Neptune doing a thing of my ascendant (Pisces) it means that people will try and put one over on me and I have a tendancy to be off in my own little creative world. So, to get the most of the leadership bit I have to get over my tendancy to get walked on because I’m overly nice.

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