Quick and easy feeds

This week has been a bastard. Husband is in hospital and for a while was 6 units of measurement away from being incompatable with life. So, I was a bit quiet this week and a little stressed. The things is that while all this is going on I have kids and non cooking house guests to feed. This leads me to this post about quick and easy feeds.

Schnitzel parmigiana – my butcher does 5 for $10 snittys. Yeah they aren’t giant and thick but for the price they work. Cook up the snitzel, cover the top with a bit of bottled pasta sauce (I use Dolmio), grate some cheese and whack that in the oven or under the grill until the cheese is melted. I personally put the snittys on a baking tray, load them all up with sauce etc and do them in the oven on 180 until it looks right. If you’re into ham or bacon on your parmy put that between the pasta sauce and cheese (cook the bacon first!). Serve with whatever sides you like.

Pasta – literally as easy as it sounds. You have 2 choices. Cook up stuffed ravioli from the cold section of your supermarket, pasta sauce or pesto then boom done. The other option is jazz up cupboard food. Cook some meat up, cook up pasta and drain it. Combine meat and pasta. Chuck on a bit of pesto or some pasta sauce and you’re good to go. If I use pesto sometimes it’s fun to chuck in fetta. Oh if you DO use pesto you need maybe a spoonful not the whole bloody bottle.

Heads up I keep saying Dolmio but that brand isn’t a requirement. I just mean pasta sauce.

Fridge salad – if you have a good stash of ingredients fridge salad is great. If you don’t have lettuce you can buy a bag of salad greenery from most supermarkets. Then chuck whatever you have in a bowl with salad greens and a dressing. Olives, cheeses, chicken, tomato, grated carrots, ham, leftover chicken whatever there is.

Scrambled eggs – I do a bit of a loaded scrambled eggs. Any meat you have that’s left over, spinach, mushies, tomatoes or whatever. I sometimes chuck herbs or garlic in the mix. Fry it up in a pan until it’s warm. In a bowl put 3 whole eggs, a blob of milk and scramble it all up. Pour the eggs on the fried up stuff. Scramble it all up until the egg is cooked. Boom!! The eggs will take a bit longer to cook if you put tomato or something and might stay a bit wetter in it but you’ll be all good.


  1. Non cooking guests?
    They eat too. It’s your husband that is sick. How nice it would be treated to a pizza or a casserole by some well meaning guest. I treat often like that.
    Makes it so much more easier and lighter on The Moms of the house.


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