As tends to happen over Christmas at some point I will get given money and I will inevitably end up at Lush spending a large chunk of it on something gorgeous smelling. This time I ended up with a body scrub and a face mask.

The body scrub is called Magic Crystals and not something I’ve had before. Its purple, has spearmint, sage, rosemary and aniseed. The mechanical scrub component being salt. I like the smell to start with because it reminds me of a smudging stick. All the minty shenanigans makes your skin feel tingly and cool. Its nice when it’s hot to feel a little extra cool. I also found while I’m not a fan of salt scrubs near my face I’m 100% ok with one on my body. It makes my moisturiser sink in quicker and I feel that little bit softer. In comparison to the other scrub I’ve had from Lush this is a bit more gentle and a little more pliable so it doesn’t feel like you’re rubbing wet sand on yourself. I like the scent but I’m not sure if it’s something I’d be keen to buy again.

The other thing I got was a face mask called cupcake. It contains peppermint, spearmint, linseed infusion, cocoa butter, and Rhassoul mud (a fancy version of clay). Now the idea is it sucks the impurities our of your face and you feel refreshed. Now I’m not sure about the impurities bit but I always feel refreshed and very dewy/moisturized. It’s a bit like the brazen honey mask because I always feel really gooey afterwards. The only thing I don’t like is the mask has a stiff consistancy (I’m guessing the fancy clay) that can make it hard to put on if you don’t warm a little in your hand first. I would totally buy this again though even if I look like I have dirt on my face when wearing it.

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