This summer has been rough on my garden. 50% of my herbs have survived. My strawberries and other plants are literally burnt around the edges. Even my lavender plant died in the heat of the last month or so. I’m a pretty good gardener for a reformed plant killer so this upset me a little.

On the weekend I made a plan to get my garden back on track though. Most of it if I’m honest involves trashing the garden. Well, more like intense pruning. Anything that’s dead is gone and all the dead parts of plants are outta there too. Once everyone has had a haircut it’s time for aggressive hydration.

Well, aggressive hydration and feeding. I plan to water what’s left after the plant purge and feed both the plants and soil up so that it’ll be good in a month or two. Nice and nourished for new plants. A bag of fertilizer dig through the soil forms a large part of the ‘feeding’. Then we get a bunch of sugar cane mulch on the garden to keep the water and nutrients in the ground instead of having it evaporate. It’ll make it a little more drought proof in that respect.

Once the ground is thriving we replant and go again. Boom! Garden back to life. I’m back to growing magnificent vegetables and having gorgeous flowers. Did I mention this whole process is going across both potted plants AND my garden? Big job but you get that.


  1. Sadly my veggies , herbs and flowers got cooked in the heat. I’m desperately trying to raise the others flagging spirits with daily baths and warm words. I’m as so grateful for the rain that is forecast for this week. 🌸🌺🌻


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