Somedays parenting is easy and other days are fuckin hard.

On the easy days it’s a dream. There are hugs, kisses, everyone plays together and there is no fighting. The kids eat their dinner and they sleep all night in their own beds. On the good days they kick goals. Shower on their own and use soap. New words are said and great days are had at school.

Take the last week or two. It’s been amazing. River lost 2 teeth, she ate spaghetti more than one strand at a time. She’s using longer sentences to express how she feels. Both kids are getting better with showering and River has taken a giant leap by letting me wash her hair under the shower. Hunter tried Chinese food for the first time which is big for him. It’s been great. Lots of hugs, kisses and high fives.

On the bad days you want to take up drinking.

On the bad days there are tears and tantrums. No one gets along. No one sleeps and especially not in their beds. There is begging, pleading and more negotiation than any UN deal . There is sneaking around that would make a ninja proud. Write off days at school and as long as people eat it’s good.

Again, lets look at the last week. Sure the kids did well but at the same time it’s gotten hairy. Our son got a new iPad because he’s up to the BYO device stage for school. Cool. River however was not cool. She couldn’t understand why he doesn’t have to share his new device even though they have to share most of their things. You can try and explain but to an emotional almost 5yo it’s not happening. There was a lot of kicking, pinching and crying on her part. Hunter didn’t want to for whatever reason sleep in his own room. This meant that he snuck about like a ninja ducking and weaving to get out of being in his room or asleep.

For all the grumbling though it’s a good gig. Watching them kick their goals far outweighs the bad stuff. Things like them overcoming sensory issues or breaking through their comfort zones to develop are the best.

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