Today we’re talking about the number 9.

When you draw nines in a tarot reading it’s a good thing. Nines are a number for completion. It’s putting the last touches on things before the big reveal. Think of nine like you walking around after you’ve busted your ass to put everything together for Christmas Day. Tweaking the table here and there, adjusting presents under the tree and enjoying the fact you’re almost done. It’s the killer outfit when you’re feeling great 30 seconds before you walk out the door. That’s nine. That’s her whole deal.

The downside of nine is that it’s torturing yourself. It’s agonizing over your answers for the umpteenth dozen time before you hand the test in. It’s staying up late at night wracking your brain over the decision you need to make the night before you need an answer. It’s the same eye admiring your achievement that’s keeping you up at night.

The trick with nine is learning how to get from torturing yourself to celebrating without wrecking your brain on the way. I think the way to do that is making sure for every decision you celebrate how you got there. The wins you had along the way. Remember the outfit analogy? You might be stressing over how your butt looks but, remember that you got the dress on sale. The make up tutorials worked because your eyeshadow is awesome. The effort in gym is working because you look great and slowly any insecurity about your butt is gone.

That’s nine.

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