Behind the Scenes – January

Running a blog and having a life is a bit of a challenge sometimes. I mean it sounds obvious but it is. I have my plans, projected content plans and all the scheduling apps stuff sorted but sometimes it’s still hard. Take when Ads went to hospital or we’ve had a bad week at home it’s just really hard to get pen to paper for lack of a better analogy and get it written.

If it’s hard then why do I persist.

I get a kick out doing difficult things which is probably one reason. Metaphorically biting off more than I can chew and not choking seems to be a strength I have, so I keep doing it. The chunks I can deal with seem to get bigger so it’s kind of exciting but also scary for the day I do choke.

Mostly I persist with my blog because I love to and create as an outlet. I think I probably should have been a writer but I don’t think it’s something I thought was an option for me as a kid. I needed to have a ‘real’ job. I also like to talk and can be a bit of an oversharer so the blog gives me a chance to chat and share my experiences, experiments and what’s going on in my life without ruining the brain of everyone I run into. If you read my blog find a new face mask, mascara, TV show, learn a little more about Autism, the Tarot and learn how to make a parmy at home….I think I’ve done my job. If you read my stuff and have a new appreciation for that parent with a screaming kid or someone with a mental health issues even better.

The other big reason I share is to find my people.

I’ve always felt like a bit of an outsider. I never quite understood people or how they worked. The blog also serves as a bit of a homing beacon. A ping out into the internet to find my people. The hope is that eventually my clan will find me and I get to feel like I belong. Better still that ping goes out and enough people hear it and I can build a group where if you don’t feel like you belong, that you have a space here with me. We can talk about a bunch of wierd stuff no one else likes and have a rad time.

This is why I persist with the blog. Even if life gets to me sometimes and I get a bit side tracked I try and bang out a couple of articles a week.

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