Today we’re going to cycle back to the tarot and look at the major arcana and look at the Strength card. Strength can be hard or soft. It could be wrestling clothes onto an unwilling toddler or trying to worm a dog. Sometimes it’s saying no and disappointing people.

On the positive side strength is being fuelled by your inner resilience and power. It’s you being told that you need to trust that inner voice that’s telling you it’s going to be ok. It’s not an outward show of power that means you’re up in everyone’s faces. Its that quiet inner knowing. This card is a reminder not to let that inner knowing get crushed. Everyone has that person in their life who puts a bit of a dampener on your abilities, dreams or passions. Maybe they don’t do it to you but they do it to others. When next they tell you that you or someone else ‘cant’ but inside your sure the thing is possible, listen to that part of you that says you can.

On the bad side the strength is about a lack of strength. It’s not recognizing that you infact have inner strength. It’s ignoring the fact that so far your resilience and self belief have gotten you this far and if you lean into it, will carry you on. The downside of strength is also the explosive, yelling and screaming that comes with trying to make people do what you want. It never feels good and feelings always get hurt. Strength asks us to control that and not just start cracking heads because you find people hurtful and irritating.

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