Best of January

So we’re already at the end of January and it seems to have gone so friggin quickly. We’re also at the end of the month when I do my best of January.

1. Clear containers from Bunnings and Kmart – I started organising the kitchen properly. I got on a bunch of organisational pages and took some inspiration. I got a bunch of clear containers and a paint pen and went through my kitchen tidied everything up to within an inch of it’s life. The most expensive one cost $5. So far I’ve done half but with everything beign so cheap it wont take me long to finish the rest.

2. The Defiant Ones – It’s a documentary about Dr Dre and his relationship with Jimmy Iovine. It’s really interesting and goes through the way they both have had a massive effect on popular culture. They’ve worked with everyone from John Lennon and Stevie Nicks to 90% of things from the 90s (Jimmy Iovine was/is high up in Interscope). It’s a really interesting take on pop culture and who had an influence on it.

3. Body Shop coconut lip butter – it’s creamy and super hydrating. It feels like their body butter but for your lip and it costs like $3 #winning

4. Skinside Out – my friend Robyn wrote a book about skin. It’s about what it does, how it functions, and how what we put on it can effect how it works. I should also point out that Robyn is a skin therapist or as she puts it skin nerd. Her 9-5 is helping people with their skin and treating the various issues that can arise from your skin being out of whack. It’s easy to say ‘well you’re talking her up cause she’s your mate’. Well yeah I hear you and I get that. However after you’ve seen some of the work she’s done, particularly for those with acne (proper acne not just bad pimples) you know she knows her shit. Also, if by the end of it you haven’t thrown your makes up wipes in the bin I’ll be surprised.

5. Smudge spray – ok we weren’t getting out of this month without some woo. I found a recipe for smudge spray which is the equivalent of burning a sage bundle or palo santo stick. It’s good because during a fire ban I’m not lighting stuff on fire or setting off the fire alarm inside. It also means I cab spray it around as ‘air freshner’ clearing out the house when people who otherwise may have thought I’ve lost my shit are around.

6. Airpods – Ads quite generously bought me some airpods. I was blown away but they are stinking amazing especially when you use it as a hands free kit. They pick up your voice so well it seems like you’re holding the phone up to your ear. I like the fact that the case charges the earphones so you’re never going to go flat at the gym. I also like the fact that when you open the Airpod case near your phone it shows you what percentage of charge both the case and pods have seperately.

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