It’s about that time we’re onto another witchy holiday. Right now the northern hemisphere they’re doing wintery witchy bonfire stuff. Here though in the southern hemisphere we’re starting to wind down summer (sweating our butts off. It’s insane) starting with a celebration called Lammas.

Lammas is a celebration of the start of the harvest. Sounds weird in this day and age but a lot of witchy festivals have their start in agriculture and since that’s what a lot of these communities originally lived. Anyways, this particular festival is about abundance and giving thanks that the Earth and Sun have gotten their shit together and lent a hand to make the things you’re about to pick. Mostly fruit and wheat.

Back in the day it was customary to offer wheat and fruit from the first harvest. Fresh loaves of bread were made as offerings. Now how do you marry that with modern day? Well, if you’re handy you can bake bread. It’s not too difficult and but takes a lot of patience. If you’re not that dedicated a nice fresh bread roll or loaf of bread from Bakers Delight and enjoy the absolute shit out of how fresh and tasty it is. Take some of the fresh fruit and veg around and make a meal to share with the people you love. Share the abundance that are around at this time of year, especially with all the fires we’ve had. Be thankful as hell that you’re able to have the things you have. Over the next few months it may be a bit harder to come by.

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