AJ and the Queen

I’m a fan of Ru Paul and all things Drace Race so when I discovered that Ru was putting out a new series I was excited.

The general gist is that Ruby (Ru Paul) is a hard working well known queen. She’s saved her pennies and with the help of her partner is going to open her own club and fulfill her dreams. However her partner does a runner with all the cash. She does a cross country tour to try and regain the cash. Enter AJ who’s been abandon because her mother is an addict and arrested. She stowes away in the back of Ruby’s camper van so she can make it to her grandfathers. Hilarity, love and lessons ensue while they Ruby’s ex is trying to hunt them down.

I had a few mixed feelings about the show. It reminds me of Diagnosis Murder of something similar because it’s got that bad soapy feel ala Bold and The Beautiful. It also shows Ru in a format outside what we usually see on Drag Race is good. He’s also cast a lot of the Drag Race queens in the series which is fun to see all your favorite queens in the one place. One of the best parts about the series is the little girl that plays AJ. She’s sassy, snarky and the perfect antidote to all the soap in the series.

Ru isn’t the best actor but then again I don’t think the acting is why you watch it. The soapy gets a little too squeaky too but again I don’t think that’s why you watch the show. You watch it to see all the little behind the scenes info about drag and to get a bit of a Ru Paul hit before the next season of Drag Race.

It’s not a series I’d rewatch even for the so bad it’s good factor. Will I watch Season 2? Maybe if there is one. I’d only recommend it for Drag Race fans.

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