Face Halo

So remember how I talked about my friend Robyn writing a book? Well because of her book I have a new found disgust for make up wipes. So I went in search of something else because I am inherantly very lazy. Then as it happens I saw Face Halo in Woolworths on sale for $13 so I thought fuck it lets have a go. I’d seen Face Halo advertised by influencers online and thought it was just another thing but a little voice inside me went “Go on. It’s $13 you spend more than that when you buy incense” (to be clear I buy multiple packets of incese at once. I’m not insane). I was slightly sceptical but I saw Robyn using a microfibre style skin cloth type deal on an insta story or IGTV type thing so I figured it must be a legit thing.

That’s exactly what it is. Described as Halotech Fibre the Face Halo is a double sided circle of microfibre that will remove your make up. The spin on the website says that when you wet the puff it will use fibres a hundred times finer than human hair to take your make up off, get in your pores and it also doesn’t put make up back on your skin. Now the woman who rund the company has a background in microfibre so it stands to reason she more than likely knows her shit. I Googled the every living fuck out of what Halotech fibre is and came up with nothing other than it’s fine microfibres.

Did it work though? Heckin yeah it did. Took off a whole face of slap including waterproof mascara.

How in the fuck did it work? Why?

Well it works in the same way tires grip to roads and the same reason geckos hang up side down. Basically the more fibres on the puff the more surface area there is to wipe your make up off with. The finer the fibers the more there are and that means it gets further into the nooks and crannies etc of your skin. Cool cool cool cool cool. THEN on top of that there’s some molecular shenanigans that basically causes the ends of the fibres to do a magnet sucky thing and lift the literal micro bits of make up off your skin. Will your skin be 100% cleanser clean? Probs not. Will it take almost all of it off? you betcha.

I’ve been using it for abut 2 weeks and haven’t had a break out. Used it with both cleanser and just plain water. I wash it out in the sink every day and let it air dry. I’ve also chucked it through the washing machine and drier. Now I don’t *think* it says no drier but I’ve seen several people recommend not to incase you screw the fibres. One spin cycle though it’s 95% dry and a little air dry wont hurt. I did put it in with some dark clothes by accident and it went grey but soaking it with my white shirts bought it back.

Totally worth the money and I’d even look into buying a second one so I could rotate one in use one dry.

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