NDIS waiting game

We’re into the business end of the year for the NDIS plans. Every year you review the plan from last year, make some adjustments and resubmit it and hope that they don’t cut funding. At this end of the year in many cases the funding is starting to run out on peoples current plans and there needs to be a bit of juggling going on.

See with an NDIS plan it’s not like your funding is there and you can spend it on whatever you like. It’s set out into catagories so you can only spend it on certain things. So say therapies are coming out of one bucket. Carers that help you at home come out of another bucket. Consumables like pull ups or medical supplies comes out of another bucket. The trick is making sure you budget out the buckets. Each provider e.g. speech, OT , psych estimate out their costs and as things are billed it can mean say speech runs low so we have to get the OT to let some money from the money they hold as an estimated amount to put toward speech. When spacing out and moving things around doesnt work its a matter of navagating what referals under what schemes can get you the appointments you need at a lower cost because these things aren’t cheap.

Then comes when the plans are funded. Sometimes the funding is cut back because the asseseors may not think everything on the plan in necissary or say the person the plan doesn’t need as much as what’s on the plan. They have budgets they have to fit in to. Then when you get that number you have to make it work for the next 12 months and work with what you have. Sometimes it’s not enough and if it’s not you have to do what you have to do.

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